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Customer Journey

Change your perspective

Take a step back, in order to efficiently move forward.

Rethink your business and view the world through the eyes of your customer.

Sometimes, taking a step backwards is the only way to get a running start. That’s what looking at the entire customer decision cycle does for your understanding of the customer: it gives you the opportunity to initiate interactions with individuals before they’ve ever even bought anything from you.

Are your internal processes optmised around your customer’s buying processes

In traditional CRM terminology, the customer experience only begins once a consumer purchases and starts using a product or service, which leaves quite a lot of the customer’s actual experience with an organisation off the table. However, meaningful consideration of the interactions that happen before the customer ever directly engages with you can have far-reaching effect.

We can help you to reorient your business and adapt the Customer Agenda into your daily business practice
Customer Journey Mapping

We are specialised in helping our clients create the best starting point for business improvements. Our consultants are certified in The Customer Impact Qualification Program and possessing relevant business management skills, experience and qualifications in order to assist organisations in reorienting their customer’s perspective. Our key formula is the Customer Decision Journey Map, which is the compass in designing, planning and realising an effective customer strategy. Via our effective workshop program, we help our clients to build applicable customer journeys as the foundation for establishing and prioritising  activities and initiatives across the entire customer-facing chain: from marketing and sales to on-boarding and renewals.

Turning strategy into daily business practice

We coach and facilitate your organisation through the critical steps of planning and executing your customer strategy and help you effectively incorporate the customer perspective into your daily business practice.

Our consultancy and services are centred around a selection of market-leading solutions and complimentary products, and the result of more than 10 years’ experience and in-depth expertise turning winning strategies into concrete results.

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