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Sugar Discover

Get real Benefits

Most of today’s BI products require a great deal of effort, time and money to set up and use them profitably, since usually you start with a blank piece of paper and have to develop everything (data cubes, reports , alerts etc) yourself.

SugarCRM with Sugar Discover has chosen a different approach and offers ready-made “Commodity” BI modules for sales, marketing and soon also for services – that can be easily adapted to your requirements.

As soon as the platform identifies anomalies in opportunities or problems, the Sugar user is automatically informed in the form of cause analyzes. And all of this is completely intuitive and without input, the “no-touch” approach from Sugar!

Never miss an Opportunity

React immediately, as you are automatically informed of any noticeable changes.

Understand Trends

Sugar Discover helps you understand events and changes more easily and make decisions faster.

Improve Business

With ready-made, simple and meaningful reports, Sugar Discover offers real added value.


Sugar Discover offers the following Functions:

Simple & meaningful Analyses

As a commodity product, meaningful metrics, analyses and KPIs are already included.

The product can be used immediately and easily expanded without learning a complicated tool or using expensive data experts.

Historical Analysis

Use the historical perspective on your data. With these snapshots, informed decisions are possible.

The “Power” of Discover allows predictions about the future to be derived from past trends.

Proactive Alerts

Sugar Discover proactively tracks key sales performance metrics in real time. The user is automatically informed about identified problems and opportunities.

More proactive, less reactive.

Discovery Insights

Discovery Insights identifies relevant factors that affect sales performance. In no time at all, you can identify the causes and quickly take suitable measures.