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Sugar Market

Successful Marketing Automation across your complete Lead Process

The work of the marketing department is changing in today’s digital world. Marketing should not only do e-mail campaigns, but also directly support sales with qualified leads. Marketing automation solutions help marketing to take on this new role.

Marketing automation uses e-mails as a communication tool to bring prospects to your website (pull method). The behavior of the visitor on the website is analyzed and points are automatically awarded (nuturing). When a certain number of points is reached, actions are started, e.g. targeted e-mails or an invitation to an event are sent. Use your marketing automation platform for optimal coordination with sales by only passing on the best qualified leads.

The functions work closely together and give you a more detailed profile of your leads and their interests and requirements. This information enables you to optimally serve your prospective customers and thus boost your business.

In comparison, classic e-mail marketing campaigns seems extremely simple and not very effective. You send thousands of e-mails (push procedure) and hope that interested parties will respond.

Sugar Market by SugarCRM Inc. is transforming the way marketing teams reach audiences and measure success throughout the buyer journey. Attract more visitors to your website and get an accurate picture of how they interact with your digital content.

Capture leads by creating conversion-oriented landing pages, emails and web forms using intuitive drag-and-drop functions.

Qualify these leads with multi-stage nurture campaigns and sophisticated lead scoring models. With Sugar Market, you can determine which actions are working and where there is room for improvement in order to refine campaigns and achieve better results. Sugar Market is the marketing automation solution tailored just for you.

Sugar Market offers the following Functions:

Generate and Track your Web Traffic

With advertising and social media tools as well as SEM and SEO, you generate more web traffic and are found more quickly in search engines.

Simple successful Campaign Management

Create professional and mobile optimised landing pages, emails and forms quickly with drag & drop or based on templates.

Lead Nuturing and improving your Business

Create personalized and diversified messages and filter them with the help of the scoring system in order to pass on qualified leads to the sales department.

Performance Analysis and Visualising Results

Easily monitor important key figures with Advanced Analytics, the integrated BI reporting module, to guarantee marketing success.

Integration with your CRM

Marketing and sales are perfectly coordinated. Data is automatically synchronized between the systems.