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Sugar Serve

Acquire lifelong Customers

Today too many companies invest time and money generating leads and closing deals and then watch these relationships crumble through a poor customer experience. At the same time, they invest in special support solutions, but thereby lose the 360° view of the customer. Because good integrations can be expensive and time-consuming.

Solve every customer service request quickly and competently, without a single careless handover or the need to search through the history!

From simple dashboards at a glance to robust self-service portals, Sugar Serve offers everything you need to create the best customer experience. For every problem, in every situation, immediately. Sugar Serve is fully integrated with other Sugar products. Result: satisfied customers!

Sugar Serve offers the following Functions:

Communication from the Customer’s Perspective

Sugar Live brings omnichannel customer interactions to Sugar Serve. A central, seamlessly integrated service console avoids complexity and costly technology investments.

Meet SLA Commitments

With the powerful, efficient support console, your employees are always productive. The console displays SLA information, priority and severity to intelligently prioritize each request.

Resolve Support Requests quickly

With the self-service portal and the knowledge database, customers can easily help themselves with known problems.
This helps to minimize costs and keep support requests to a minimum.

Automatically assign Tickets

Automatically forward incoming customer inquiries to the right person. Whether a ticket needs to be escalated or reassigned after a certain period of time, SugarBPM ensures that no customer is left in the rain.

Pre-defined Reports and Dashboards

With real-time reports and dashboards, quickly identify and view potential issues before they turn into problems. Instantly identify tickets that require immediate attention. Gain valuable insights into trends and response times.