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Sugar Sell

Enable every Account Manager to be a Top-Performer

Do you know your customers or do you only manage customer data?

Sugar Sell enables your company to build great customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable solution.

Sugar Sell bundles customer data in one place and uses this database to build a comprehensive system for sales automation, including the management of contacts, customers, prospects, sales opportunities, forecasts, quotes/offers, contracts, activities, sales and reporting.

With Sugar Sell you will be able to drive sales, increase efficiency, reduce distribution costs and provide your customers with an unmatched buying experience.

Sugar Sell offers the following Functions:

More Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Automatically get business-critical predictions with Sugar Predict: e.g. automatic AI supported lead conversion, ideal customer profile (ICP) and opportunity closing predictions.

Simplify Data Research and Data Entry

With Sugar Hint, you can automatically analyze and transfer data from over 70 data sources using just your name and email address.
Simplify data entry even when you are not in the office with voice input tools like Apple Siri or Google Talk.

Always be one Step ahead of Customer Needs

The customer journey depicts your customer processes as a visual guide for users, from the first contact through sales to the sending out of surveys.

Control all Activities

Keep your activities under control for each customer. Synchronize e-mails, tasks and calendars with Outlook, Exchange or GMail. Manage your Social media activities, opportunities and more.

Sales Automation for Subscription & Support Business

Manage opportunities and subscriptions optimally. Don’t miss subscription or support renewals, follow on opportunities are generated automatically.

Automate Processes & Activities

Automate complex business processes using drag and drop functions, e.g. automatically create appointments/calls, define approval or risk processes, etc.