Sugar Predict 2021 EN




Sugar Predict

The Sugar AI-Engine

The Sugar Predict AI engine improves your company’s forecasting and planning capabilities by continuously analyzing your customer data and delivering AI-driven predictions. The results are clearly presented and give your sales, marketing and customer service teams suggestions for the best next steps.

Sugar Predict offers the following Functions:

Discover hidden Market Opportunities

Identify patterns and trends that only a tireless AI engine can see. The information is displayed directly in Sugar.

Increase in Sales Productivity

Which leads should be addressed first? AI forecast recommendations will make you faster than the competition and the sales team will be more productive.

Close more Profitable Deals

Use lead scoring against the ideal customer profile to increase win rates, increase deal sizes, and improve customer loyalty.

Sales Pipeline Forecasts

Increase your sales team’s confidence in the forecast and future sales opportunities with contextual insights and forecasts from the pipeline analysis.

Competitive Advantage using AI

Your Sugar Consultants will help you prepare for AI and how to best use Sugar’s built-in features to get the most profit.


The Sugar Predict Advantages:

Save Time

Reacting to promising deals more easily and quickly with more precise predictions. Minimize the risk and make better decisions. Save time and reduce effort.

Work with confidence

Boost team productivity with accurate advice on what to do next. Increase deal speed through trustworthy metrics.

Get started quickly

The power of AI in the hands of all users. Increase sales productivity through accurate forecasts. Accelerated lead conversions and opportunity management.