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Sugar Customer Experience (CX)

The Sugar Customer Experience (CX) platform allows you to offer your customers a completely new experience around your products and services.

CX success factors:

  • Anticipate and meet customer needs before they perceive them themselves.
  • Align marketing, sales and customer service with customers, not processes.
  • Bringing employees together so they can put the customer first.

The Sugar CX platform consists of various components that are harmoniously coordinated and integrated. The products can be used together or “à la carte”.


The Sugar CX platform components:

The core elements of the CX environment consist of the products Sugar Market (marketing automation), Sugar Sell (lead and sales management) and Sugar Serve (customer service).

With the additional products Sugar Hint (Relationship Intelligence), Sugar Predict (AI-based forecast) and Sugar BPM (automation component), working with the concept “No-Touch Information Management” is easy!

Sugar Live offers integrated and optimized omni channel communication with your customers (chat, intelligent bots and telephony, based on Amazon Connect) without having to set up an expensive infrastructure.

The business intelligence (BI) product Sugar Discover offers a ready-made “commodity” BI model in which “time-aware” analyzes are immediately available. Intelligent BI without the usual effort and manpower needed with classic BI tools.

With the Customer Journey module, your internal processes are compared, optimized and graphically displayed with your customer processes in order to offer your customers the best experience and to win and retain them as long-term customers.

Sugar Integrate offers over 500 connectors to third-party systems so that all data can be centrally accessed.


Find out more about the individual Componets: