Sugar Enterprise 2021 EN




Sugar Enterprise

Enterprise Class CRM On-Premise

Everything what you expect from a CRM solution –
On-Premise, customized to your company.

Due to internal data security and data protection guidelines, external security standards or regulatory requirements, cloud hosting is not a viable option for many companies. Sugar Enterprise offers an on-premise implementation and thus enables completely autonomous control over your CRM system.

Accompany your customers through all process phases, from acquisition, marketing (e-mail marketing), sales management, implementation and support management to meaningful analyses. Sugar Enterprise offers all basic CRM functions in one integrated solution for your company.

This makes Sugar Enterprise ideal for large companies that have specific requirements when it comes to their business systems and the creation of a perfect customer experience. Sugar Enterprise is ideal for companies that value the greatest possible flexibility in customization as well as complete control over the technology used.

Sugar Enterprise offers the following Functions:

Be Compliant

Quickly adapt to regulatory requirements, industry expectations, and internal security guidelines.
You have complete control over the platform and technology used.

Flexibility – Now and in the Future

Regardless of whether you want to automate your individual processes or have greater control over system updates and expansions, Sugar Enterprise offers the ideal and flexible platform.
Comprehensive APIs provide easy access to all system areas and you will be amazed how easy extensions and updates are.

Support On-the-Go

Additional security options, special interfaces or mobile support make the Sugar platform ideal for your company.

Customise and Automate

Big companies think big too. Use the enterprise core functions as a starting point for highly customized applications.
With Enterprise, Sugar offers the tools to adapt your CRM to your company, in many cases without any coding needed.
Build the exact platform that your company needs with Sugar’s “no/low-code” approach.