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The first Open Source Marketing Automation product

In the past :

Legacy Marketing Automation solutions were only used by enterprise companies due to the costs of the solutions.

During the last few years several vendors have been offering more cost-effective SaaS (Hosting) solutions, these solutions are offered usually by US vendors.

The systems usually run on servers in the US and are managed in general by US based employees. Data protection laws are difficult to adhere to (see also GDPR –  the upcoming European data protection regulations).

Today:  A revolution!

Mautic is an Open Source Marketing Automation solution. The Mautic Software is free to obtain and use!

This means Mautic can be installed and operated on your own local servers.

Alternatively genius4U offers Mautic hosting on our servers in Germany. We ensure that the systems are setup correctly, that they run smoothly and efficiently and the newest version is always installed.

What is Marketing Automation (compared to Email Marketing)

Marketing Automation uses emails as a communication tool, in order to direct web visitors and leads to your website (Pull-process). You automatically analyse the behaviour of your visitors on your website as they move around and gave give points for certain actions (Nurturing). If a certain number of point are reached, then automatic campaigns can be started to meet the customer’s needs e.g. targeted Emails with say a voucher,  or an event invitation etc.

These functions work closely together to give you a more accurate profile of your visitors anf their interests nd requirements.  This information allows you to tailor your content to the needs of you visitors and thus optimise your business.

In comparison classic Email Marketing tools and campaigns don’t give you many benefits. You send thousand of emails (Push-process) hoping that you have sent the right content to the right people and that they react to this content.

Contact Management

Contacts are the main element in Marketing Automation systems, and work very much like contacts in a simple CRM system.

Mautic has multiple CRM system connectors available  (e.g. Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho etc.), so that contact and other information (points, action results etc) can be synchronised between systems. Additionally you can easily import contacts from external sources or directly via contact forms placed on your website.

If a contact visits your website, if they open an email, register for an event or download a document, these actions are logged against the the contact and are automatically awarded points, which can be used later to automatically start new campaigns or trigger actions.

Email campaigns

Easily create professional Emails with the Mautic email tools.There are options to create simple email templates, Element (Segment) email templates and dynamic Emails. Contacts can easily e segmented depending on their profile, A/B Testing is available for different campaign models.

Campaign results are displayed clearly in the reports module or on the home dashboard. Contacts are assigned activity points (nurturing), which are automatically added to the contact profile.

Campaign emails give you important insights to key information, like read emails, Click-Through rates, successful downloads, etc. It is also possible to create dynamic emails with dynamic content. Depending on the contact’s feedback you can automatically start further actions.

Website Monitoring

With the Website Monitoring function you can gain great insights about your contacts (visitors), there interests and what they were reviewing and how long were they on your website. With this information you can optimise the content on your website to the contacts’s needs.

You also see at a glance important information: how the contact came to your website, which pages did they visit, how long they stayed and which pages are looked at the most. Which contacts visit the website how often. For certain actions you can automatically assign points.

Create multi-channel campaigns mit dynamic content depending on the contact’s profile. Your contacts get more content which they are interested in.

Forms & Landing Pages

With the Form Builder you can easily create campaign or single forms for your website (contact, events, downloads etc.). Data entered here is added to the visitor’s  (contact) profile and can be easily analysed.

Forms can be easily integrated into emails, landing pages as well as your CMS System. Forms are used to communicate contacts important information.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks give you a great opportunity to connect with you contacts and potential customers. .

Mautic has multiple Social Media functions and allows your company  to easily build meaningful relationships.

In Mautic there are several standard Social Media connectors to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram und Twitter. Mautic developers can easily build new connectors or extend existing ones, assuming the target system has an appropriate API-interface.


With the data gained you can easily analyse it within Mautic, which allows you to improve and serve your customers better.

New contact “segments” can easily be defined, which allows your company to target your contacts/customers with more relevant informationen.

In addition you can easily create individual reports, in order to gain further insights.

Campaign builder

The Mautic “Campaign Builder” allows you to graphically define Marketing activities and automate them.

Actions can be triggered via segments or forms. Possible actions could be e.g. send emails, update the contact information or transfer the data to an another external system .

The trigger could be actions like opening an email,  filling out a form or clicking on a certain webpage link.


Mautic has multiple integrations and appropriate tools available in order to integrate all your business critical systems, in order to have the data where it is need.

There are a large number of Standard integrations available:

  • Packages that extend the internal functionallity
  • Connectors that synchronise data between Mautic and other systems.

Additionally new functionality and connectors can easily be developed. There is an extensive developer environment and an active developer forum.

Mautic compared to other Marketing Automation solutions

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