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Digital Transformation – Customer Journey – Customer Experience

Our consultants assist you to make sense of these buzzwords and integrate them into future strategies. These strategic implementation strategies result in helping you focus on making your businsss fit for the future.

Digital Transformation

Are your companies internal and external customer facing processes manual processes or are not work optimally?

Together we review your processes,  discuss strategy and technical trends and plan a “Best Practices” approach, which results in a optimal way forward for your company.

Customer Journey

Do you know your customer’s buying processes i.e. how your customer buys from you?

We use “best practice” methods as part of our workshops, we analyse the customer buying processes, and match your own internal processes to them and as a result, your internal process are more aligned with your customer’s buying processes, leading to more business success

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Customer Experience

Your customer should be in the centre of your business activities. Are you customers happy with the services you offer?  Can you confirm this statement about your company?

We will assist you to find the optimal approach (Marketing Automation, customer experience etc.) for your company and finally help you to make your customers happy.

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Our consulting approach

Keep it simple:  Start small, think big and move quickly!


Our discovery workshops helps you build the right foundation for establishing and prioritising your project efforts.

We apply this approach across the entire customer-facing processes, this results in you being able to focus on what is  really important to your business.


Our Genius4U consulting specialists guide you through your projects. They avoid the common pitfalls and move your business speedily towards your goals.

By combining your knowledge with our expertise, we adapt our best practice tools to match your unique challenges, resulting in optimal results for your company


Our experienced engineers customise and scale your selected solution to your specifications and needs.

We have the largest network of certified Sugar developers, which results in better cost-effective solutions for you.


Our genius4u hosting platform gives you a faster and more secure CRM experience. with our dedicated or virtual servers.  Our data centres are located in the EU, this means better data protection and support is simplified.

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